When a karate sensei teaches
He sees not you the person.
Nor the personality.
He sees you the technique
And corrects you the form.
It's up to you to correct
The person.

Our children's classes run from September to June. The children's classes do not run through the summer months of July & August.
This gives them a break from training and gives them some time to enjoy other less regimented family activities.
We offer all new students 2 free introductory classes, giving them an opportunity to see that they can enjoy the type of training done at Thunder Bay Karate School.
New students can wear sweats or casual loose athletic clothing  until they decide to train regularly, at which time they can acquire a uniform from our Dojo store.

The following Schedule is effective from September  2012 to July, 2013

Monday & Wednesdays

Adults  All belt levels
Teens  Green Belt & Up

7.00 pm. till 8.30 pm.


Children 8 to 12 yrs old 

5.45 pm. till 7.pm.


Click HERE for Application Form to bring with you or pick one up at the school

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