Sensei Peter Hladyniuk

Sensei Peter has been training in Karate since 1966.
Presently holds the rank of Seventh Degree Black Belt
Received his Shodan Rank in 1968
Medal Winner in many Thunder Bay Karate Tournaments
Received his Nidan Rank in ----
Received his Sandan Rank in ----
Medal Winner in many Provincial Karate Tournaments
Received his Yondan Rank in ----
Received his Godan Rank in ----
Has trained many Provincial Karate Tournament Competitors
Has trained many National Karate Tournament Competitors
Received his Rokudan Rank in 2001
Past President of the Thunder Bay Karate School Board of Directors.
Present Executive Board Member
Received his 7th. Black Belt in 2006
Senior Instructor at Thunder Bay Karate School
In 2012, Sensei Peter passed away after having taught karate at our Dojo for 45 years. He will be missed
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