Thunder Bay Karate
Do Jo Etiquette

Do Jo Rules are in place for the safety of the students and to help in the building of  character

1   Karate-Ka will not provoke violence, or allow themselves to be provoked into violence.
2   Karate-Ka will address each other by their proper titles ( eg. Sensei / Sempai / Mr.)
3   Sparring is not allowed without the permission of a Black Belt.
4   Karate-Ka will comply with health and  hygiene guidelines set up by the school
5   No alcohol will be taken before class. 
6   No chewing gum or eating during class is allowed.
7   Students will maintain a serious attitude at all times. No profanity or loud talking is permitted in the Do Jo
8   Students will raise their hand & be acknowledged before speaking or leaving the training area in class
8   No watches, rings or loose dangling jewelry may be worn during class.
9   Do not criticize other Karate-Ka. 
10 Higher Belts will aid lower belts in their training. 
11 Under no circumstance will any form of Karate be taught by any member to any non member.
Bowing is a sign of respect and not a symbol of worship. There are several instances when this is done and
             students are instructed that it comes from years of tradition.

One must always face to whom they are bowing to.
One must  keep their neck straight, looking down when bowing. Looking at a person's face while bowing
                shows that you don't trust them.
One must bow when entering and leaving the Do Jo and also the Training Class Room.
One must perform a series of bows at the beginning and end of the class.
One must bow when addressing and taking leave of an Instructor.
One must bow during class to fellow karate ka when beginning and ending training sessions.
Hygiene & Personal Appearance

Do Jo cleanliness is every ones responsibility. Don't wait to be asked to help out.
If you are sick, stay home rather than infect anyone else.
- Keep toe and fingernails trimmed short
- Cuts and sores must be bandaged
- Headbands are permitted during workouts but will be removed before and after
- Only patches or markings authorized by the Do Jo are allowed on the uniform
- Uniform must be clean & presentable
- Gi cuffs & pant legs shall not be hemmed or folded above the knee or elbow
- Belt must be tied evenly & properly
- Jewelry that can't be removed shall be taped over

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