Grading are held approximately every four months. The suggested time intervals for each belt level are given below. It is important to remember that the following are minimum recommendations and every effort should be made to exceed them.  Being an excellent lower belt is far more important than being a mediocre higher belt.  


Children are graded in the stripe system which are awarded between belt grading, and is determined by the progress of the student between belt levels.


The Karate‑ka learns Karate in stages, moving from the simple to the complex only after performing proficiently in each stage. Grading are not mandatory and exaggerated emphasis on success or failure of grading is discouraged for it is recognized that everyone progresses at his or her own pace towards their own personal goals.


The levels of proficiency in Karate are divided into two categories: kyu which means "class of beginner" and dan which means "step”.


There are six classes of beginner and ten steps or dan.


Level    Belt Color    Suggested Time at Level

6 kyu         white                         4 months               

5 kyu          yellow                       8 months                ( Click Here For Details )

4 kyu          orange                     8 months                ( Click Here For Details )

3 kyu          green                        8 months               ( Click Here For Details )

2 kyu          blue                          12 months              ( Click Here For Details )

1 kyu          brown                       12 months              ( Click Here For Details )

1 dan to 10    black                    many years            ( Click Here For Details )





“The ultimate aim of Karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants.” Gichin Funakoshi










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