Tsuruoka Federation Mandates


Yellow Belt 

A clear understanding of techniques on the Yellow Belt test

No speed

No power

Upper-lower body separation is completely acceptable


Orange Belt 

Rotation and linear power sources as applied to the techniques on the Orange Belt test

Speed is not necessary

Power is required

Upper-lower body separation is acceptable


Green Belt 

Reduction of upper-lower body separation in single techniques and combinations

Speed is required

Power is required


Blue Belt 


Knowledge of five power sources and five types of linear movement

Speed is required

Power is required

Proper timing and balance are required


Brown Belt 

Complete focus should be evident in every technique


All of the techniques and concepts are, at each level, to be applied to kihon, kata, and kumite

Each test is cumulative

When testing, students are responsible for all that they have learned as karate-ka, not simply the requirements of a single test




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